Got a Sweet DJi Phantom 3 Backpack

Well really this just came in and now I can take my baby, I mean drone with me everywhere. I decided to get the knock off from China's Alibaba Express because it's cheap and honestly it'll do the job. It fits my Phantom 3 standard perfectly and comes in 3 colours. I'll provide a link so you can check it yourself.


Looks great

Holds the Phantom perfectly

Has 3 battery slots

Deep side pockets for the propellers

Various colours


Straps move once tightened (use velcro to hold tighter)

The material is cheaper than the original (half the price)

shipping from China takes about 2 weeks (that's actually pretty fast)

You can find the case over here on Alibaba Express, the seller was fast and shipment came well packed.

2016 phantom 3 Hardshell Bag Backpack Shoulder Carry Case Hard Shell Box for DJI Phantom 2 3s Standard FPV Drone Quadcopter

#backpack #alibabaexpress #phantomcase

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