ARGtek Range Extended Kit is a Must Mod!

I have to admit the Phantom 3 Standard has range issues when it comes to Wi-Fi stability. At times you'll get messages like signal loss or total failure on the FPV screen. I believe it comes from outside interference like towers or large antennas. It's frustrating because all I want is a clear view of what my quad is viewing so I can get the shot I'm looking for.

I ordered the kit from BLUEPROTON and about 5 days later it arrived to Japan. I made sure to watch all the youtube videos on how to do the complete the mod. I proceeded to open the RC with all the proper tools. It was fairly straight forward and I only had one small issue. The coaxial connector pin base broke around the RC but I was still able to glue on the connector with no apparent issues. Just be really careful when removing the stock glue and pulling the connector off.

Next I took it out to my favourite spot and was able to fly around 280m with zero issues. Over the span of one month I've actually taken the quad to lengths to 485m with absolutely zero signal loss. I'm confident I could probably reach 600-800m if need be. For now thought the signal loss issue has been totally eradicated and that's exactly what I wanted. Now I can concentrate on photography and become the better pilot I want to be!

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