Katsuma Beach - Shikanoshima is a Drone Paradise

We took our family out to the famous government run resort called Kyukamua Resort located on Shikanoshima Island. The beach was just footsteps from the resort and honestly I wasn't going to film much of the area. What really got my film making drive to go into overdrive was the skim boarder who was doing some amazing tricks right in front of us. I politely asked and he obliged with a sure, "Youtube will be no problem." Generally I've found in Japan if you ask politely you will receive a positive answer.

This was a first for me....

To actually film a moving surfer is not as easy as you think because it's about position and angle. Get it wrong and you'll overshoot the target or worse not even have the person in the shot at all. It took 3-4 tries but eventually I found my groove.

So please enjoy our first video of 2017 and stay tuned for more big videos coming up soon. Maybe even a new drone is on the horizon....

What makes this little area of Fukuoka such a drone paradise are a couple of things. One it's 100% safe to fly with no current restrictions. Second, there are rocky points, beaches and lots of mountain ranges with excellent waves to film. I will definitely be coming back to this area in the near future.

#Katsumabeach #fukuoka #shikanoshima

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