The Fukuoka Drone Creative Award Contest Goes to Yours Truly - Hidden Paradise Fukuoka

Well what a week this has been, my video got chosen as the best in "Category B - Fukuoka city." Honestly, I was very surprised as the competition had some great choices but in the end I guess the upbeat, high action style pulled out the win. For me, it was the music that really set the tone as many of the shots were dynamic which narrated the story. We started from the mountains of Aburayama, flowing down local pristine rivers, while finally spanning across the ocean seaside of Hakata Harbour. I really wanted to focus on shots that were outside the city core as those were the hidden gems.

What really amazed me was the fact that we beat high end expensive DJi Inspires, Phantom 3-4's, Mavics and those who even had special permits to fly in restricted zones of the city. It just proves it all comes down to the edit, music choice and the story you choose to tell.

So what's next, more contests, new drones or a career in aerial photography? That story still has to be told as a new adventure awaits....

Here is the video we call Fukuoka Hidden Paradis

#fukuokadrone #dronecontest #globalstartup #dronemeetfes

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