Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University spent a day learning how to fly their DJi Mavic Drone

Recently the students of APU in Beppu City wanted to learn to how to fly drones along with some of the basic rules of Japan. As we all know it can be very difficult to know every aspect of the industry and where you can fly. Overall we spent about 90 min going over basic Japanese drone laws with a very informative powerpoint slideshow. Most of the students were avid photography enthusiasts so naturally they wanted to learn every aspect of camera angles which are much different compared to ground shots.

The next stage was to move over to an empty gymnasium and fly in a controlled area. All the students got to fly a DJI Mavic Pro for 10min and learn basic orientation of a quadcopter. We actually found the intelligent flight mode "Tripod" to be of great help as it really slows down the YAW and PITCH of the drone.

In our final lesson it was time to experience flying outside on the local soccer field with their newfound experience. Of course on a much grander playing field it's completely different once distance and height are added. All the students were extremely excited to feel the drone hovering over their school in views that only a drone can do!

We trust our workshop was a success and we hope to see some amazing photos coming from the photography department at APU. Good work everyone..

Update: We just received information that their photography department has created a new video with drone footage. The look and feel of the aerial view truly gives you the perspective and size of university.

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