The Aso Region Walking Tour Movie Project - Heartland Japan

A few months ago we were commissioned to create a cinematic style movie for Heartland Japan - A tour company based in Tokyo. It's basically a unique business venture as they want to create hiking tours for devastated rural areas that were struck by earthquakes and landslides back in 2016. For us here at StellarJay Films it's an opportunity we embrace as this combination of DSLR and drones makes it a perfect match. The beauty of this local backcountry is truly breathtaking even for this Canadian who's accustomed to such beautiful scenery.

The overall plan was to film various locations of how a patron would experience this tour. In total it was a huge amount of landscape to cover, 12 locations with over 900km of total travel required. Honestly, if I was on this tour it would be an amazing adventure to discover so many unique perspectives of Japan. This summer I plan to take my family to many of these places as I want them to experience the beauty as I did. Plus there are some rather great swimming holes that'll make a perfect retreat during those summer heat waves.

The weather for this time of year in December is generally quite cold and snowy. We were actually blessed with a blanket full of snow on one day of shooting witch created some excellent cinematic shots of rice fields and the surrounding mountains. No matter what time of the year the Aso region is beautiful to explore as the changing seasons makes it a dynamic place to visit.

So with out due here is our final movie created for Heartland Japan..

#asotour #hikingvideo #HeartlandJapan

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