Malaysian Wood Furniture & Wax Composition & Edit - Corporate Promotion Videos

A good partner of ours from Open-Mind Japan gave us a private contract for a company called Junno Designs based in Fukuoka Japan. They were in need of a few videos that could demo their furniture and lineup of fine wood food waxes. The backbone of their company has a very interesting story, they repurpose old extinct rain forest lumber that is from run down buildings. The structures are being demolished or destroyed so they are simply taking something old and giving it a modern twist. It's truly amazing to see the process with all the steps that are taken to make it look relevvent again.

What made these videos a challenge was we never had the chance to film or take any footage. Simply put, all the footage was from a 3rd party cameraman. Normally our filming standards are much higher compared to what we were given, but none the less we tried our best. We had to flatten the videos colour profile, stabilize the footage and professionally colour-grade the clips. Finally retime/cut the footage and add 20% slow-motion mixed with optical flow to find the missing frames. It all sounds technical but in the end you get a video that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

We are proud to display these 2 videos for Junno Designs and look forward to your comments!

Wood Food Wax

Junno Designs Furniture

Please check out their website for more information:

You can purchase their furniture from Open Mind:

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