Phone Print Product Promotion Video in Our Home Studio

Bruce from Open Mind needed a short product commercial he's been promoting for a small wireless printer called Phone Print. The overall concept was to keep it short and simple, all under 1min. We storyboarded the overall benefits of the item and came up with a game plan on how we would tell the story. Overall it only took a day to film and we really enjoyed trying out some new plugins for our Final Cut Pro software. Overall the client was extremely happy as we believe they got the video they wanted for their customer.

We're really confident in creating these types of videos in the future. The gimbal truly makes these shots a dream come true with it's smooth pans and tilts. Storyboarding is the key to really punching it out so when it comes to filming we're completely organized with the stages of shots needed. Through repetition we're confident we can only get better at product promotion videos.

The final video....

#phoneprint #productpromotion #finalcutpro

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