It all started with my mother who was an avid photographer with our family. From there I messed with regular film and simple point and shoot cameras. Over the years, I would purchase cannons SLR's and waterproof cameras. Last year I got a Gopro Hero 4 and that really got my creative juices flowing with all the possibilities you could do. Post editing in another passion I quite like. It's always fun taking all that video and constructing a video people will enjoy watching. 


With aerial photography, it always appealed to me but the prices were just too expensive. So I started with a simple (my son's Xmas present) Syma X5C and then onto the larger X8C. After months of minor crashes, I learned about orientation and how quadcopters work. It was only natural that I would advance to a more sophisticated machine capable of what I wanted to do....


So now begins my journey into Aerial Drone video and photography. 


Enjoy my flights!

Nigel Paquin